Vino y aperitivos: Una impresión que perdura (10134)
USD $219.95


It usually takes a lot to leave a long lasting impression. One thing is not enough - a combination of many elements is necessary. A strong handshake, a confident look, great communications skills, and much more, are all ingredients to a successful relationship, personal or business. When it comes to gifts, the same rules apply. Our Long Lasting Impression gift basket is destined to help impress your relatives, friends, or corporate clients. It includes a bottle of Dry Red Wine, a Toblerone Chocolate Bar, a Swiss Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Covered Mints, Walker's Cookies, variety of Belgian Chocolates, gourmet Cheese, and more.

Attention: the packaging varies by country of delivery. Gift may be delivered in a chest, gift basket or a gift box.

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Atención: el tipo de empaque varía dependiendo del sitio de destino y temporada. Por favor revise las Normas de Entrega para aclarar las condiciones de entrega.